3 Essential Outfits for the Tropics

I had such an amazing time in Maui over the Holidays and I couldn’t help but share my 3 favorite outfit pieces from the getaway:


For one thing, I don’t usually carry a pineapple in my purse, but when I do it’s in the tropics. My Steve Madden sandals are still my go-to basics in the summer heat along with my straw hat which I happened to steal from my lovely boyfriend (thank you…and no you can’t have it back).


I was thrilled to get this beautiful American Eagle dress as a gift from my Mom this Christmas. Flowy and romantic – this dress worked for all occasions from the beach day, to running errands, or even a night on the town. You couldn’t find a more versatile dress.


When in doubt, always pack a maxi dress (pineapples also make great accessories?). It’s low maintenance yet it looks flawless. Instead of going one colour, mix it up and find something a little more festive. I found this steal from a small gift shop on Hornby Island near the B.C ferry terminal. I’ve had it for 3 years and I have no intention in getting rid of it anytime soon.

And there you have it! Three classic outfits you that can’t go wrong in the tropics. Stay tuned for more photos from my trip!


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