Planning A Bachelorette?


Any former maid of honour would agree that preparing for a Bachelorette isn’t always easy. No matter how much you love the bride, all that time, money, sweat, and tears you invest will never be enough to justify one night of fun. So when I planned for my sisters Bachelorette, I decided to save myself the time and agony by cutting corners on the little things like making the invitations. Rather than spending more money and time on extravagant invitations, I found a quick, cheap, yet trendy way in making the perfect Bachelorette invitations.


All I needed was pink ribbon, a hole punch, and black and white construction paper! I started by cutting the white construction into the size I wanted (nothing too big otherwise its too difficult to work with). Next, I placed the white sheet on black construction paper which I folded evenly on either sides. Once the outer layer was folded, I outlined the cut of the corset with a pencil. I then took a hole punch and made 6 holes on either sides of the black paper and finished it off by wrapping the pink ribbon around it.


And voila, the card is done! By the time I finished ten cards, it took me roughly twenty minutes to do. If you’re planning a Bachelorette, I would highly recommend this craft to just about anyone. It’s quick, easy, cheap, and most importantly, it’s adorable!