Tis’ No Longer the Season


Christmas may be over but my decorations still stand strong. If their lingering presence past the Holidays wasn’t such a faux pas, I’d never take them down. For anyone who already decorates their own home every year for the Holidays, it’s simply an annual routine. In my case, it was my first time collecting and decorating my own place. The truth is, I never want to take them down.

When I got my first place, one of the first things I looked forward to was being able to decorate for the holiday season. As December approached, I grew more eager to pick up a Christmas tree and garnish my living room with glistening lights and dark red bows. Little did I realize that beginning your own decorative collection costs almost just as much as your gift budget. After endless amounts of hours searching for the greatest deals, I collected a mix of dollar store items with a few better quality pieces from Michaels. After my exhaustive search, I still spent over $300 and two weeks doing tedious work.


Considering the amount of the time and money I put into my display, it seemed unreasonable to leave it up for just a few weeks. I couldn’t understand why I put so much time and effort into something so temporary.What I failed to see was that each dollar and hour I invested, will be there to appreciate for future Holidays to come. Thus, regardless of their brief display, it’s important to remind yourself that quality matters. When you search for your first Christmas decor, you must be mindful of the future rather than finding ways to make cuts in your budget. Finding quality decorations that will linger on for years will be a better use of your time and money.

While I’ll still admire my work for just another week, it’s nice to know that when I pack it all up it will always be there for years to come. As the Holidays approach yet again, it will be comforting to know that I’ll always have a glistening living room around the corner where wonderful memories are yet to be made.