Wine and Cheese Night: The Basics


A few months ago, I decided to throw my first ever wine and cheese party! I thought it would prove to be a simple task just by picking up a few crackers and cheese’s. But I couldn’t be more wrong.

Shopping for your first wine and cheese night can be a little intimidating with all the various options. After doing a little research, I found that the best way to start is just with the basic essentials.

You might have already guessed but the best place to start is with the cheese. In order to make a serving complete, several kinds of cheese require other kinds of toppings. To avoid all of these secondary pieces, I found that brie and goat cheese coated in cranberries are great pieces to serve on their own. The brie offers the mild creamy flavor while the goat cheese and cranberry provides the sweet twist. Brie can be served as is, but some like to bake it in the oven briefly to make it softer and creamier. If you want to get a little fancier,  it can be topped with a touch of honey and toasted pecans. 

For all those meat lovers, peppered coated salami loaf is the perfect choice to pair with these cheese’s. It needs no other preparation other than cutting it into small slices. Serve these then with a baguette and any kinds of crackers. Also, don’t forget the green grapes!

In regards to wine, I find that whites complement theses dishes the best. Santa Ana Reserve’s Torrontes is my personal favorite as it’s less on the sweet side, while offering a refreshing and crisp flavor.

All of these basics are a great way to start preparing for a wine and cheese night. Throw on some classic jazz tunes and enjoy the night chatting and catching up with great company around these fantastic dishes.



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