The Perfect Thanksgiving Center Piece



While I was trying to find the perfect gift to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner, I stumbled upon a few pictures on Pinterest which inspired me to make this arrangement. I contemplated whether or not to do it, then sure enough I found myself walking to Safeway to buy the materials. I was hesitant at first because I thought it would turn into an utter disaster, but I proved myself wrong. I had a blast and it was surprisingly easy to make!




I picked up an already assembled bouquet with Fall inspired colors at Safeway which came to about $20. I chose the squash instead of a pumpkin because I personally liked the darker look, I just needed to make sure it had a flat surface. All in all the materials came to about $25.

Step 2



I cut a hole at the top, and as you probably guessed I took everything out (this was the unpleasant part). Things got a little messy and I was in need of a large bucket. Once it was empty, I took a few paper towels and patted the inside down till it was dry.

Step 3


I was just going to pour water inside of it, but realized that wasn’t the smartest idea as I had just stabbed holes into it. So I looked around my place and came across this sugar bowl. It fit perfectly! I filled it with some water and it slipped in the squash like a glove.

Step 4


When I started cutting and putting the flowers in, I found that the best way to get the “exploding flower arrangement” look was to lay them with their stems crossing. This way I had more control placing the flowers.

Step 5


I also ensured the colors were balanced throughout the arrangement. Most bouquets already have at least two or three of the same flower, so this made it easier while coordinating them. By the time I finished, it took me about roughly twenty minutes. I would highly recommend this craft to just about anyone. It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s easy, and most importantly, it’s beautiful.



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